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Any shampoo with TEA TREE OIL is excellent. Massage into area and leave on head for a long time-an hour or so. Cradle cap will be gone in day or two. Repeat if necessary.

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Julie in GA

I mixed 1 teaspoon tea tree oil with 1 1/2 tablespoon baby shampoo. Dampened 4 month olds hair/head. Massaged gently liberal amount with fingertips. Then took a fine took comb and gently combed hair in several directions. Put a soft cap on baby's head and let stay on about an hour. Put in tub and rinsed. Applied baby shampoo, massaged with fingertips and used fine tooth comb to comb hair/head...ALL of the cradle cap came off in water. It was amazing. Did not irritate baby's head and her head smells fresh and hair and head looks healthy and shiny!

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