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Tea. That was it. I just had to drink tea.

After years and years of trying literally everything I heard could cure warts: duct tape, aldara, tea tree oil, vinegar, bleach, compound w, banana peels- I cant even remember what all I did- I finally got rid of them by the easiest way possible. No smell, no obvious marks.

I had warts for years. Started as one on my knee. Spread all over my hands, all over my knees. I wore pants and hid my hands as best I could. I couldnt shave my legs because they would spread.

I started drinking tea for the caffeine. I'm not sure how much later it was that I realized one of the bigger clusters on one of my hands was getting flatter, a few weeks max. And then I remembered one stray sentence about someone who 'might have recommended drinking three glasses of green tea a day.' Well, I was drinking black tea, but I switched to green tea. And its a miracle. The warts just fade, just get smaller and smaller. And it went for the worst ones first. I want to tell everyone who has warts.

Of course, what worked for me might not work for everyone, as things that worked for other people never worked for me. I just kept experimenting. And I know I had a poor immune system (obviously if my body wouldnt fight off the virus for so long), and I have a rather poor diet mostly based around refined sugar. Bad. So maybe the tea only boosted my immune system and finally allowed my body to fight. If that's not your problem it might not work.

This was all recent, so I dont know if the warts will stay away. I'm just going to keep drinking green tea. Has lots of other health benefits. I can't stop looking at my hands!

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I noticed the same thing after having given up on my warts. I started drinking hot leafy green tea (2 cups daily) and the larger ones seemed to go away first. One had disappeared rather quickly and the other had shrunk to only a pinkish spot. The rest or smaller ones are also just tiny pink spots that used to be ugly warts. This however didn't happen over night, it took a few months to really notice, but drinking more than 2 cups a day might accelerate the process.

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