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FOR SEVERE TOOTHACHE, THINLY slice or crush garlic and put on tooth and/or gums, pain should diminish within five minutes. Continue to reapply for up to one hour at first treatment. It will burn at first, and you don't want to leave the garlic on too long because fresh garlic can irritate your mouth. Stinks but it is a cheap and effective way to help with pain AND infection. Continue to reapply after meals and as needed at the first sign of pain, but be sure to rinse the mouth thoroughly aferwards to avoid irritation.
Clove OIL is also effective against pain, but not as easily available. Be sure to use Q tips to place ONLY on tooth/ area of pain.
FOR ABSCESS Tea bags probably won't help draw out the infection, except maybe echinacea or peppermint. Better to use a slice of onion placed inside the mouth at site of infection (yukky taste but great results). It should draw out the infection, which tastes and smells horrible anyway. You may wrap the onion in sterile gauze to avoid irritation. Never tried it, but baking soda should work also, as others have suggested. It is an effective drawing agent.
FOR AFFORDABLE CARE Check to see if there's a dental school nearby, or if you live anywhere near the Mexican border consider going over there where you can get a root canal for less than the cost of a pulled tooth over here. The dentists are no worse there than here, believe me.

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It worked for me too! I strongly recommend GARLIC. It's nature's antibiotic.

You can get Clove Oil in a product called Red Cross Toothache at most CVSs, Walgreens, etc. or at your local grocery store. It's VERY strong and is a numbing agent. (Eugonel or something like that is the clinical name for Clove Oil.)

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