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Keep the mouth and sore area well cleansed with saltwater.

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It works better than anything I have ever used.


It kind of works.....
doesn't get rid of the pain completely and tastes nasty though


i done it and have it seems to help out but only 15-30 mins. and then it comes again


Seems to work okay. The pain's not completely gone but it'll be enough for me to sleep tonight. Thanks.


Seems to work ok. But it doesn't last for hours. Thank you for sharing this info. I truly appreciate it.


this happens to best thing so far although it only lastfor a few minutes. i would rather have it relieved for a few then it being agonizingly painful.


This works for a little while but it made my pain go away!! All I can say is keep doing it over and over and take some meds with it!!


Did not work for me :-(

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