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Ok so this isnt exactly a 'home remedy' but if you have an abcess/infection and like always its the weekend when it starts killing you look in your medicine cabinet for some antibiotics almost everyone has a few left over from one thing or another you should google whatever you find to see if it will work. Penicillin and drugs in its family like amoxicillin , augmentin, etc. work best and thats what the dentist will give you Monday anyway and it'll work better and somtimes even faster than anything else ibuprofen helps alot too because its an anti-inflammatory. I know all about the overuse of antibiotics and don't care to hear any lectures about it. If you dont like my advice just dont take it. I simply know how horrible tooth pain can be and if this solution hasn't occured to someone perhaps the suggestion could help them get some relief. You should know though that the pain will most likely come back if you don't see the dentist to fix the problem and this is just a temporary solution. So good luck and I hope everyone in pain will feel better really soon I know its terrible.

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