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No matter What treatment you try over the counter creams, or home remedies the key to permanent relief is making sure that you also treat your shoes, socks and surfaces like showers bathroom floors, bedroom carpets etc so that they don't recontaminate your feet. I don't believe the fungus is in your blood, but I do think that diet is a factor in feeding the fungus. For example I noticed that my middle of the night itching fits were usually followed by me eating bread, a late pasta dinner (starch, yeast) or a very sweet desert (sugar). Beer and liquor (yeast and sugar) are also likely culprits. start to make your own observations and modify your diet as needed.

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If you have itching after eating bread or pasta, you may have Celiac Disease which is an intolerance to wheat gluten. I suffered with outbreaks of itching and hives until I figured out that I needed to cut out gluten! Whenever I have gluten it seems to make my whole body chemistry go haywire.


yeah i agree with the last person who commented... ive never in my whole 54 years of living heard that eating a certain type of food can make your feet itch, nice try tho... get that checked out, as suggested by the 1st person to comment, sounds like you got two different problems going on. good luck.

Before I was cured with the vinegar spray. I never had overall body itching, just the itching of athletes foot. At the time I wrote this, it was just an observation, since then I've done some research and several medical sites confirm my theory about diet and its role in exacerbating Athletes foot. They specifically mention avoiding products containing yeast. Which would be beer and breads.


Ok a couple years ago I had never had AF in my life. I went through a time where I was drinking beer heavily and daily. I developed a severe rotting at the bottom of my feet. I thought it was Athletes foot. Went to doc and he told me I had a very bad yeast infection and the af meds were not working because they are made to kill fungus not yeast. I then stopped drinking for a week and took meds and it went away.

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