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Oh my gosh. Okay so honestly like really honestly half the 'remedies' on here have wird names of oild or herbs or wraps and medicine that normal people probally dont just carry it around waiting for something of use to come up for it. If your a majorly over weight, or too skinny, or a couple extra pounds, or even just big in some places: try this and maybe no it will help you
okay so my sister Mary She is gorgeous like really pretty but shes not a twig so she thinks shes super fat:o i dont get it but she and i started going to the fitness center!!! it was great painful in the mornings but great!! We first would wrap our selves in platic wrap really really tight- then we would go 30 mins on the bikes that dont go any where:) then 15 mins on the tredmills- then use those wight things try not to make it all serious your more than less likely to quit have fun with it stand next to a cute boy/girl exercise with them !! i dont know bring bottled water doesnt have to be expensive just purified! then after about 3-4 hours go to the sauna !@!!!!!! be sure not to wear makeup it tends to make you look like hell!! ( i learned the hard way:((...) AFTER THIS YOU WORKED HARD ENOUGH go get your self a simple cookie!!! works for us. Its going to work for you


your weight losing friend,

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ok that was dumb. Everyone knows that extensive exercise make you lose weight. Plastic wrap? Are you serious? Get a darn sweat suit! If I had three or four hours a day or the money even to spend on a exercise facility, I wouldn't be on this site. C'mon now people think please!


Yeah I have to agree that was not so well put. Are you 12 years old?? You sound like you are. Plus, if you're that young, why are you even worried about losing weight? Obviously any exercise will help you. However, you're using a work out facility, that most people can't even afford. I'm sure mommy and daddy are paying for you and your sister but in the REAL world where you have to be a grown-up and pay for EVERYTHING yourself, you will take note that you can't afford certain luxuries such as that. G'job little girl!


Oh my gosh guys, C'mon! Like, seriously, ahhhhh yeah!
Ah NO! You truly sound so cute! But not very knowledgable. Its just water loss from the skin cells & its the same as the tight stretchy exercise belts you can buy in the fitness section at most stores such as Walmart. I was Anorexic/Bulimic as a teenager. I did the saran wrap every night before I went to bed & would measure not only my waist, but I also wrapped my thighs & hips and measured them every morning when I woke up. You body sweats under the plastic therefore losing neccessary vitamins & minerals your body needs. An important one being Potassium. Do you suddenly get cramps while working out or later in the day or while sleeping?...Particularly in your calf muscles? That's due to lack of potassium in your body. Make sure you do have enough intake of water-That is a good suggestion! And working out/exercise is one of the most important keys to successful weight loss. But, if your losing weight through losing the water your body retains, you definitely should eat no less than 1 banana a day to keep your potassium level up!
But, ya know, it obviously sounds as if you and your sister have a negative body image and need to possibly seek counseling to look further into this issue.


wow you guys dont have to be so hard on her, she's just saying what worked for her and her sister! she's so excited that she found something that worked that she wanted to share it! i have heard of the saran wrap. and yea excercise helps, but sometimes it does take an idiot to read this to think oh well maybe this will work. some people think that its too hard and are too lazy to get started. but this girl had such an amazing time doing it that her enthusiam is all over her posting. what a great way to motivate someone. the treadmill is the best along with some water and hard cardio on the bikes for burning fat. jumping jacks and stretching work well with that too. and yea just taking control over the portions we eat. this does work if you do it daily you will notice a drastic weight/sz reduction within 2 weeks.


In all honesty i love what shes written its absolutely bizzare that there are people out there PICKING on someone because of there age (which by the way you have
no idea what that may be)
Come on guys the fact is if you need to work on your weight a good motto is JUST DO IT
it saddens me that this is a weightloss website and yet there is still cyber bullying
to you older guys who are attacking this poor girl 'grow up' Jesus loves you and made you in his image learn to love and accept the way you are


Ok give her a break. She bought she was being helpful. I go to the gym or fitness center or what ever you want to call it. Its called planet fitness..has lord of perks but instead of saunas they have tanning beds...and I have heard of the plastic wrap its a cheap mans version of a sweat suit. And 3 hours is excessive...but moderation is always key. Keep healthy and living wising,
Workout buddy

I work for it!

I love how people cry about how they can not afford to go to a private gym. I have a gym membership and it only costs me $10 a month. It is not fancy but it has weights, bikes, and treadmills. I also have also heard that people don't have the time. Try taking 30 min. away from your t.v. and do something physical. All I have read in your comments here is excuses on why NOT to do things. I you are looking for a wonder drink that will melt fat off you ass without having to get off of it, you are going to be waiting for the rest of your life. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE FAT!!!

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