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I've had my tooth ache for almost a week now, and I know that it's caused by an abcessed. I've tried Tylenol, regular strength Advil, Extra strength Advil liquid gels, Orajel, massaging my cheek, applying cold/heat, Aleve, and nothing seems to work. So finally today i've had enough and I took a cotton ball and put it under warm water and then sprinkled salt on it and then some garlic power, stuck it behind my tooth and I feel no pain at the moment. My advice is go see a doctor or dentist right away so you can get put on some antibotics because my face looks like it's half chipmunk and the pain is moving to my ear and making me want to puke.

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Tami Pannell

Bless your heart I am dying with a tooth ache but the chipmunck comment was funny as hell!! So now i'm laughing and crying.

from: hope this helps someone!

You WILL die from this (it is an infection) if you don't get an antibotic. Go the hospital immediately! They will give an antibotic, and call a dentist for you. If you don't have insurance, you can have stuff paid for, don't wait!

From: Hope this helps someone.!

If your face isn't puffed up, go to the dentist ASAP and at least get an antibotic. SOME doctors will take credit cards, cash, or let you make payments. An abess is still an INFECTION even if your face isn't puffed up. You WILL die from this, don't play with this! My dad knows a women this happened too!


your tooth is abscessed and needs to be drained as well as use antibiotics


I've been there, am there. If it's that bad infected a puss pocket will form that, disgustingly, you can bust, but when you help find something to ease the pain, then more power to you...I can't seem to do that right now...tried ibuprofen which usually works before anything else, and no relief, moved on to alcohol, (been past peroxide and salt) still no relief, moved on to xanax which works sometimes when the pain is 'nerve related' which i guess mine isn't right now, so hey when you find something that works, who cares what it is or how long it lasts...just do it!


I am running off of 4 hrs of sleep, due to a horrible toothache, I've consumed about 2400 mg. of Ibuprofen in 24 hrs and its not helping. I've also tried the vanilla and it helped a little and also the salt and pepper powder to no success. So I decided to come on here and I must say I tried the remedy above and my pain is gone, and it took maybe 3 minutes, so thank you!

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