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H.R. Akin

Its 4 am I haven't slept for hours because of my toothache. I took two advil liqui gels but theses didn't help. I rinsed with mouth wash then brushed my teeth which helped for about two seconds. Then I tried swishing nyquil which helped just as well. Then the ice and hand trick which did help for a minute. Then the saltines which actually seemed to make it worse. Then I tried listening to metal as a last resort (being a 15 year old girl these are really all I had access to with sleeping parents) and it worked surprisingly. I listened to bloodwork by 36 crazyfists volume almost full blast pushed the buds deep into my ears and the pain was almost instantly gone.

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Hard really yea ok, try some cranberry and vodka


aww same thing is happining to me, i am 17 its 4 am in the morning,,, this pain sucks,, I dont wanna wake my parents, i am typing while i am in pain =(,,, but u know what music does kinda help.


Nice...36cf are the shit...there are also soundwave programs u can download that expose u too binaural theta/alpha/beta etc waves to remedy things like tootaches, headaches---all kinds of stuff.


Listening to loud music will permanently damage your hearing, then you won't be able to enjoy any music. I was a professional musician for about 10 years. I protected my ears and I am about the only one I knew working back then who can still hear well now.

Dr. Goo

your a moron--go to the dentist you idiot !!!

Hel y

This is the dumbest shyt ive eved heard...what,kinda sorry ass parents let there kids blast metal for a toothache? What a dumb bytch...

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