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I recently had to fight with athlete's foot. It started with my toe nails, was being treated by my doc. with lamisil pills and soon after the itching started. I have to say that I tried it ALL!!!!! vinegar, tea tree oil, deodorant, lamisil cream, clorox, everything. Then I came across more comments from people like me. Frustrated I came across the one guy who suggested LYSOL. Let me tell you that I simply washed my feet, dried and sprayed a light coat of LYSOL. That night I was finally able to sleep!!!!! I continued with it and now it's completely gone!

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thanks this was very helpful. you are the only one that suggested lysol. thanks


OMG...this is the stuff. It even said on the back that it kills athletes foot. WOW..and I've been spending money on the other main stream brands...and after looking it is the same stuff...


Omg!!! this actually says on the back of the can! this is awesome!


I just tried your suggestion. I washed my feet with Sulfur 8 and then sprayed it with Lysol. It does WORK! I felt it immediately and yes it is on the back of the Thank you!

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