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Julie Sing

I recently tried this tea from Karma Blends...its called stress tea i worked like a charm. To be honest with you, I did not want to sleep..haha..i only tried it for relaxation, but I went straight to bed. Since then, I always use it when I travel. Amazing!!!

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I have had insomnia in the past. The misconception about insomnia is that it is just about lack of sleep. In this condition, the body slowly gets deprived of stored energy and is unable to restore or replenish its reserves and symptoms of insomnia slowly start surfacing on a physical and mental plane. Advances in natural therapies and other traditionally used herbal and homeopathic medicines have now made it possible to treat sleeplessness safely and non-addictive way. These ground-breaking therapies (Biogetica's) for insomnia have given me immediate relief, and over a time eliminated all symptoms without any long-term dependence on the products. Finding them online was the best thing which has happened to me in a long time.

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