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Place an ice pack on the cheek next to the sore spot for toothaches caused by infection.

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The best thing to do is to keep a very warm or hot if you can stand it cloth on the infected jaw to bring the infection to a central location and it will make like a bubble then you can bust it and all the infection will come out.


the hot packs along with rinsing with very warm salt water did the trick. Within an hour....all better.


Another site says NOT TO USE HOT/WARM. Anyway, I am currently sucking on an ice cube and it's working miracles for the toothache that was not allowing me to fall asleep. I tried an ice pack earlier, but it just wasn't working fast enough. Pop an ice cube in your mouth and more toothache!


Don't use a heating pad. Heat will make the infection spread. It make mine.


take penicillin and put a ice pack on your cheek where the bad tooth is. (WORKED FOR ME!!) heat spreads infection, so i would not reccomend that.


this does work to contain the pain! It is hard at first becuase the initial touch aggrivates it but hang in there a couple seconds.

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