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La chula


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Actually putting a small clove of garlic in the vagina DOES cure a yeast infection. Yes, the smell is not very pleasant, but it goes away quickly and is definitely better than the smell of a yeast infection! Garlic can also do the same for UTI's. As for the ignorant people who said, 'why would taking a warm bath cure a UTI?' It doesn't cure a UTI, but it will greatly reduce the painful symptoms. When you have a UTI, you will notice that it hurts like hell to pee. A remedy for the pain is to run a warm bath, soak for several minutes, then try to pee in the bath. you will notice that the warm bath water will help the urinary tract not feel so irritated and you can pee without the razor blade feeling. The info that this user posted is correct and I suggest you guys try it before you knock it!


Thank You so much La chula, it really does work, wish I could hug you! :-)


Thanks so much for posting! I get UTI's every few months and I hate going to the doctor and taking antibiotics. This trick should be more widely known!




Yeah, and super glue up the pooper helps with diarrhea. All that garlic did was make your hooha
smell like shrimp scampi.


This works for me to cure yeast infections. I took a peeled piece of garlic, wrapped it in gauze (the type you buy at the drugstore for dressing wounds, like cheesecloth), then the thing I do differently is coat that with plain yogurt, then insert vaginally. You change this out at night - so you are using basically two pieces of garlic per day. Do this for about two or three days - sometimes less, sometimes more. It always clears it up for me. Now, about this cure for a UTI? I don't know - I have a UTI right now, and I am going to try this. As said before here, it does make sense that it would cure a UTI also since the garlic inserted is very powerful and spreads around the entire area. I think it stands a good chance, especially if the bacteria has not spread too far up into the urethra and/or bladder and kidneys.


Since yeast infections came up I thought I'd suggest only ever using coconut oil as lube (none of that store stuff) which will prevent yeast infections. I get them about once/year now VS once/month. Coat a tampon in coconut oil when one comes on, and replace them regularly as you would on your period. It's really soothing used externally too, and works amazingly well for those who suffered for so many years with no success using medicines.

And yes, Garlic inserted into the vagina does work. I usually use a combination of the two, using garlic at night and coconut oil during the day


I have had a mild UTI for 6 or 7 days it seems like it's coming and going in spurts today is the worst of it. I'm taking cranberry capsules 3 times daily, probiotics 2 times daily, eating raw garlic 3 times daily, drinking 1 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar 3 times daily, & drinking lemon water all day, I've been using these Remedies for 3 days. I can't get a doctor appointment until later in the evening, it's Monday & I didn't want to spend the weekend in the ER. It comes back when I'm not drinking enough water or if binge on a soda in the evening or coffee in the morning or over working myself/doing too much in one day. I just tried the garlic insertion it burned at first but I'm starting to feel relief, I used 1 large clove and cut I slit in the top and a slit in the bottom and tied very skinny ribbon around it so that it comes out easily. I read somewhere to up the ACV intake to 2 TBSP every hour on the first day, then every 2 hours the 2nd day, then 3 times daily for a week.


This is the best cure ever for a yeast infection! However, it doesn't really work for a UTI - maybe you were dealing with something different?


I've personally done this in the past and it worked. I have several natural Alternative books and that was where I found that. Don't knock it until you try it. I also alternated with vit.E gel caps. Always use gel halide too. I've a history of preprocessor ulcers. .a hypersensitivE stomach so I suffer from a lot of med.

The E R. Have me Bactrim Fri night & I'd FORGOT about all the side effects and using the garlic until my stomach started hurting me terribly It had been a long time sinceI has a UTI or anythingNOW TIME FOR THE GARLIC & NO MORE BACTRUM.

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