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La chula


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I was just wondering how garlic would cure a UTI. Do you insert it into the urethra?


Insert garlic WHERE?!??


This does work. Obviously you don't put it in your urethra, that would be silly. Placed inside the vagina, however, the garlic absorbs through the vaginal walls and can still be very helpful. I can always taste the garlic the moment I put it in there, which just goes to show that it really does spread through your body.


first off this is by far the worst advice i have ever seen... u took a warm bath and stuck a piece of garlic in ur pee hole? really? seriously..?
o_O thats really just stupid.. an UTI is an infection (bacteria) u need antibiotics in order to kill the bacteria to stop the why would water cure it.. in that case if someone caught a STD you're gonna tell them to take a warm bath and their cured.. lets get real here.. i hope that no one follows your advice.. and the garlic thing what are u trying to do SLAY VAMPIRES? if anyone is reading this GO TO THE DOC. thats what i did.. a bladder infection is very uncomfortable in itself sticking a piece of garlic into urself will not relief anything then u will have a new problem.. food in the vagina.. Food goes into the upper hole not the bottom.. smh


thanks for the advice! With this remedy of a naturally antibacterial agent, a doctor and a prescription was avoided! Sorry about all the ignorant and harsh replies you received!


The responses to this have been horrible!

I dont see why garlic (wrapped in cheesecloth) wouldnt work.. works wonders for yeast and really does penetrate through all parts of the 'area'(its very strong stuff), so it should work just as well. Cranberry tablets or the unsweetened juice work and lots of water works wonders, but garlic insertion should also work, along with garlic pills. I always take garlic pills with my cranberry pills..

I've only a UTI three times in my life, but went through about a year of constant yeast infections for no apparent reason (possibly hormone changes, per my doc). The Diflucan never fully worked for me, even at the prescribed recurrent yeast therapy dosage-- one pill day for one week then one per week for 6-8 weeks.

My doc refused to give me more Diflucan after a while so I decided to try natural remedies. I did garlic insertion overnight for one week with the garlic supplement pills -like 2000 mgs every day-- for six weeks months, and it cleared up.. havent had a yeast infection in two years.

I think you are onto something, Chula. Will try it!


U have to be a complete DOLT! I'm Sorry- but stickin' some garlic up your gina is NOT gonna help U get rid of a UTI~! My GAWD!>>> Maybe a Yeast infection, but still.. WHOEVER heard of stickin' a dang piece of garlic up their twat? C'mon! Maybe your indirectly related to Dracula? [some remote relative?] LOL!

just sayin

Makes since...for both.bladder, UTI & yeast infections. If women keep taking those antibiotics over time they wont work and you will be glad to simply insert a tiny piece of garlic in your vagina. If your afriad to try home remedies to begin with why would you be on here calling something stupid any way. Get to stepping and run to your Dr and injest a lot of un natural products into your system. Or wise up and use what nature gave us. Thanks for the advise. Its all natural and will save money & time.


Never heard of this before but I will definitely try it. Hopefully it works because I have the beginnings of 'something going on down there.'

Thanks for the advice and its too bad people cannot contain their rude and disresepctful comments.


Decades ago I was told to use this remedy for an awful yeast infection. It worked like a charm. I'm grateful to all of you who write of your successes with garlic with your UTIs, too. I'll try it.

Two separate notes:

1) Why do people think a remedy that enters your body all the way 'up there' (in your mouth) is necessarily more effective than a med delivered 'down there' (vaginally)? If you've ever tended to a hospice patient you might know that some Rx suppositories are delivered 'back there.' They work.

2) When medical practitioners suggested this method to me years ago I was given very explicit instructions:

Carefully peel a clove of garlic, trying not to nick it. (I was told that if I nicked it I might feel like I had a wonderful Italian meal - with lots of garlic on my breath.)

Optionally, I was told to wrap the garlic clove in cheesecloth, and that I could cut the cheesecloth to include a long extra tampon-like string for easier removal.

I was also told that soaking the clove in olive oil would help to more quickly extract the benefit (sulpha?) from the clove of garlic. (I do not advocate using the oil until confirming that the combination wouldn't do you harm. There are reports that garlic *stored*in olive oil should be refrigerated.)

Last, they said that *if* I did get a garlic taste in my mouth then I should just eat some fresh parsley. (I've used that tip after consuming too much fresh garlic in a meal. It works for me.)

Not all prescriptions meds are evil. However, not all are good for every person. The sickest I've ever been in my life was fairly recently. A very commonly prescribed Rx caused me over ten months of hell in many, many ways. The doctors masked some symptoms with more powerful and somewhat dangerous drugs - causing more problems than they resolved. They never found the cause; I did. It was the one and only drug I was on initially.

As one wise friend said, 'they talk of 'side' effects to minimize the sound of them. When 'side effects' plague you there is nothing 'side' about them. They a very real effects.'

I hope you all find a gentle cure for anything that ails you.

Talk with your doctor. Listen to your gut.

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