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use a hair dryer on high and ittle go away after u feel a very strong 'itching' sensation.

I've been a bad girl. Out in the woods and running, being crazy. Unfortunately there's a down side to the woods, poison ivy. I wore long pants even and it's on the thigh, calf muscle and now fingers, hip and thinks she sees a little red by my eye but that's just... I dot know yet haha we'll see. so, She first said hydrocortozone (that's what it sounds like to me when pronounced) nothin happened. Stupid cream on me just made the area worse it seems. The internet on the other hand has answers (thos some drasticly stupid)
I found a random sight that said at least four times by 4 diff users that if u use a hair dryer (I know it sounds crazy) the rich will go away. But like I said there's a down side, (to this now including the woods) put the hair dryer as CLOSE as u can get it and put it on HIGH leave it there and ull feel the worst sensation ever. To me it feels like ur scratching it a billion times over and has that strange relief but some how MIRACULOUSLY when u have had enough and the mirrior in the bathroom has cracked at least twice from the ugly face ull make THE ITCHING IS GONE !!!! I was so relieved! And then as soon as I got the courage up enough to belive it was for real... Typed this whole thing out and I havnt had the urge to itch yet. But maybe that's because I'm not wearing any clothing over the rash to not irritate it. Neither any bed linen. So... I'll see pretty soon if it was too good to be true. (one of the 4 users said that it dries up the rash..... Hmmmm i don't know.... yet)

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does work! i will sure to let everyone know


Thanks. I'll try that out. You sound cute!

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