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Athletes Foot was an ongoing battle for me for about 2 years ...I am glad to say that it is finally GONE. however I still give my feet attention once a week and this only takes 5 mins in the shower

you need to try everything! something that works on one person may not work on another.
Even doc recommended prescriptions didn't work for me!!

My cousin is a podiatrist and she recommended ($4 Friars Balsm) from the chemist/pharmacy for me and I would use it every night before bed applied with a cotton swab this I think was what actually helped me the most.

a list of other things I used and used to do:

Tea Tree ( to kill bacteria and help with the stinky smell)

Hospital Grade Disinfectant or diluted Bleach in a foot soak once a day

foot scrubber
spray on 24 hour deodorant
Nipple Cream really helps when your feet are dry and itchy ... and try to avoid scratching as much as you can because it only makes the fungus spread and take longer to heal... use the tea trea as often as you need and keep your feet clean even if you go to a friends house ask if you can wash your feet and keep tea tree with you to reapply when needed
Use your own judgement with this and it will go away ... even if it takes over a year just be patient ... and good luck or if you really can't stand it go see a podiatrist ... its worth it

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Just had to THANK YOU for the Friar's Balsam recommendation... I found it at the health food store (herb pharm brand of homeopathic remedies) and in TWO DAYS I've noticed an incredible difference. Thanks again.

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