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I get ingrown toenails a couple times a year, not sure why as I try and trim my nails straight across. This rememdy usually works quickly for me, almost as fast as the pain comes on.

Soak your foot in warm water for 20 minutes. Try and very carefully trim the nail on the side to remove the piece causing the inflamation. I like to use a regular clippers that also has the extension file to remove all fuzz and dirt.

To help reduce the swelling, soak your foot in warm water and epsom salt. This step is key to a quick recovery.

Then, use a qtip and hydrogen peroxide to remove any bacteria.

Good luck!

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Ugandan ,east africa

i like your advice,i will try it.have had 9 operations so far and right now am in pain again!!!let me try this.with God's help i know i will heal.amen


I have a bad ingrown toenail with a big puss bubble it is getting better btu not as fast as i want it to. I wipe it wiht hydrogen proxide everyday then i pop the bubble with a needle then i pull it back and put hydrgen proxide back on it then take a q-tip and clean it. I just seem like i can not get it i also take twisers and scrape it and try and yank it out and sometimes i can not even do that cause the puss bubble is so big. I would go to the doctor but i am broke :( and can not afford it i have to do all this and hide it from my mother how pathetic right. i lied and told her i got it out cause she wa going to do it and i did not want her to cause she does it way to hard. lol So i am on the internet looking for ways i can get it out because i am scared i will die if it gets too infected :(

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