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I have had Athletes Foot I came here to find a remedy. Well I have to say I did the Vinger and Bleach soak. Just want you all to know I got massive Chemical Burns from this. So just becareful doing this.

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Did You really soak your feet in bleach AND Vinegar? Thats crazy. It should be one or the other not both at the same time. No wonder you got 'massive chemical burns' Jeez!


Never, Never, Never mix bleach with anything. Vinegar lowers the PH of the water and bleach which also releases chlorine gas.


You are supposed to dilute the bleach in water. bleach/water = 1part/10parts


Wow. You mixed an acid and a base which just happen to have a byproduct of chlorine gas. You're lucky you didn't breathe enough of it in. Although, that sounds like a Darwin award if you ask me.


someone wasn't paying attention in highschool chemistry class


Duh, what's Hi Skool??

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