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This remedy was passed on by my great great great grandparents. They lived in the jungles of Peru and as you would imagine don't have medicine, but they have their home remedies passes on from their ancestor. The remedy is to put some oil(any type) and sprinkle some salt on it. We have been using this for years. We don't know the science behind it but it works, and it avoids the burn to blister.

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Burned the back of my hand while making pancakes. i placed baby oil gel and salt on it and it cooled the burning sensation immediately. It worked great! thanks for the tip!


Amazing! Thank you!


Bad idea on a fresh burn. Oil insulates the heat in and pushes the burn deeper but does provide pain relief.


Totally awesome! I got burned with the steam of a liquid heated in the microwave. What a relief when dunked my finger into cold water. But when I took my finger out of the water, the burning and stinging was excruciating. I tried the honey remedy and my finger was still on fire and started blistering up. I saw your remedy and said, hmmm, this has got to hurt cause of the salt. I tried it anyway. I used olive oil and salt. Within a minute or so, the burning stopped. It really worked. And my finger feels a lot better today. Thank you!!


This really worked.. I accidentally poured boiling hot water on the back of my hand while pouring in glass... Tried aloe relief but as soon it dried burning started again.. Tried toothpaste.. That did not work at all.. Tried olive oil and sprinkle salt and finally soo much instant relief... I hope it gets treated as it is on my right hand . I don't want to get blisters :(

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