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This remedy was passed on by my great great great grandparents. They lived in the jungles of Peru and as you would imagine don't have medicine, but they have their home remedies passes on from their ancestor. The remedy is to put some oil(any type) and sprinkle some salt on it. We have been using this for years. We don't know the science behind it but it works, and it avoids the burn to blister.

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just tried this. burned my thumb cooking earlier. this is actually working!! Thanks

mom of two

My 2 yr old burned her hand touching a hot lightbulb, I put it on and it calmed her down it really worked


is it supposed to keep burning for a while?


eh... helped my burn for maybe 5 minutes is all...


worked for only about a minute :(


just burned my fingers touching a hot pan cover, ran to the computer and found your remedy. thanks a million --- it really works! :)


Burned my finger on my chi hairstraightner found this tip and does work! I used extra virgin olive oil and just the basic table salt! thanks!


saved my friend from a burn on her finger! thanks!


tried the vinegar thing didnt work but this really has worked for me!

brilliant remidy

omg this remidy is so brilliant we thought it was worth a try and it was well worth it. i burnt myself on coffee and it it stung like heck i tried cold water it didnt work so i found this and it was the answer to my prayers

thanks a million :* !!!!

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