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I am begging you all to PLEASE GET THAT TOOTH CHECKED OUT IF YOUR ABSCESS GETS WORSE. I just spent 5 days in the hospital last week after emergency surgery as a result of using home remedies and delaying getting it looked at. By that point, it was about the size of a tennis ball and was pressing on my wind pipe. I had my neck cut open and tooth removed to drain the abscess and laid in a bed with drainage tubes in my neck and mouth. The removal of these tubes will be one of the most painful things in your life. I still have to wear gauze over the drainage hole in my neck until it fully heals. If the problem is money, talk to your local hospital. If you get checked at the E.R., most hospitals have a 'free care' program for those who fall above the medicaid guidelines, but can not afford insurance. This means after filling out some annoying paperwork, YOU PAY NOTHING. If the problem is minor, continue using whatever remedy works for you. DO NOT use any form of temporary dental filling. This creates a seal, much like a pressure cooker with a lid on it. This causes no place for the abscess to drain. This was part of my downfall. If things don't get better after a couple of days, GET CHECKED OUT! I hope this is helpful for some of you.

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Do not wait if you have a tooth ache! I never ever cry and when i had this much pain in my jaw and mouth i cried. I honestly rather have a broken bone then a tooth ache, i have to now have 2 root canals done, one is half way done (my dentist doesn't do root canals) but she did drill it down and drain it it will hurt and be sore after wards but the result is worth it!!! just go to your dentist and have it looked at or something don't do home remedies!


I agree--Iuckily i went to the dentist just in time, but had major oral surgery last week to relieve the golf-ball sized abscess. its five days later now and its my first day with no pain. i still can't open my mouth more than 1/8 of an inch, but that will come in time. it was the worst pain i've every experiened--and i had 3 babies! you have to get medical help, it won't go away without and can become dangerous

dentist rippoff

I can see from comments and obviously dentist wouldn;t want one to try the natural remedy at home. It hurts them at the soft point..

searching for a cure

Isn't it a shame that I have to wait until this gets so bad and out of hand (half dead) before the E.R. will even see me for a dental issue.....and it is only because they have to by don't count on your treatment to be that of the best kind

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