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Okay so I am no doctor, I was in immense pain last night after dealing with a toothache for 6 days, the first day I was able to subdue the pain with a couple of tylenol, but as time progressed so did the pain and the pain medication. This is not the first time this has happened to me, so I immediately knew what the problem was, one of the exposed roots of my decayed teeth had become infected. Now as most of the people that have already posted here know an infected root is unbearably painful. long story short by the time I got to this page, I had already taken 5 325mg acetomenophine, 2 Ibuporfin 800 (prescription) and 4mg of Dilaudid ( this is a very strong pain medication usually given to cancer patients that deal with moderate to severe pain. NONE of them were helping, the problem was that I was taking nothing to cure the infection which is what was causing the pain. I have no medical insurance and a trip to the doctors office can be very costly, not to mention that after going to the doctor OR dentist you still have to fill the prescription. so I started looking around. please bear in mind that this remedy is not a quick fix and you will still have to deal with a couple of days of extreme pain. Which some of the other remedies on this page may help with. But if you want lasting relief you HAVE to kill the infection. and to do that you need antibiotics. Which is the reason for my post. after doing a bit of research I learned that Amoxicillin is what 95% of doctors and dentists will prescribe to cure and infection. problem is you need a prescription to get it. NOT TRUE!!!! Head down to your local pet store, and find the fish isle. There you are looking for a product called Fish Mox, it usually retails for around 5 to 10 bucks. The tablets come in either 250mg or 500mg tablets. To kill the infection you need to take 500mg every 8 hours for 7 days. the amoxicillin in fish mox is the same stuff as you get from a prescription and it works! I bought a bottle on my way home last night from the ER where they refused to give me more pain meds, course it'll still cost 500 bucks for the visit, but I had to do something. so my advice would be to find some nyquil, take it about 15-20 minutes before your ready to sleep and then use one of the other remedies to soothe the pain long enough to fall asleep, usually the nyquil will keep you asleep for a few hours. then try to sleep as much as possible as that's the best route to avoiding the pain. It'll take a couple of days for the amoxicillin to kick in and kill enough of the bacteria to provide you some relief but it will kill the infection. I have read on here how some of you go for weeks with this pain. I can't see how you do it. I can't go for a day with the pain. So get the Fish Mox, some nyquil and whatever your going to do to kill the pain to fall asleep and sleep till you can deal witht he pain. remember to take the amoxicillin every 8 hours and you should be good to go for a few months or at least long enough to get to the dentist.

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While the antibiotic that you bought at the pet store may contain the dose stated, taking medicines obtained from a pet store is very risky. The main risks come from being exposed to the many additives included in the pet medicines that, while not toxic to fish or other animals, are toxic to humans. Such examples of common additives to fish antibiotics are Methylene Blue or Malachite green (sometimes used as a visual dye indicator in the water or to add some anti-parasitic properties to the medication, but can be quite toxic to humans). Heavy metal and other contaminants may also be present, as medicines produced for non-human consumption often are not held to as high of a standard.

My advice, don't bother risking your health to save just a couple of bucks. Most generic antibiotic prescriptions will run you just a couple of bucks (A local pharmacy by me has $2 generic antibiotics available by prescription and I think Walmart has a similar offer).

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