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Hey just wanted to let everyone know that one hour ago I woke up with a major toothache and started reading this site,,,,thank you so much to the guy who said to chew up salten crackers to a paste and put it in the brokin spot.This was the first one that I tried. And 30 min later no pain at I didnt jusst chew one,I just ate about 10 of them trying to do this each time..I worked and thank you cause now I can go back to bed a get some sleep.....THANK YOU HOME REMEDIES........

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I hardly think eat crackers would help dude


It worked on my son. I just came home from work and my 9 year old son was lying on the floor crying with a tooth ache. It was 7:30 pm and I didn't know what to do except ask why he had not been taken to the dentist, so I looked up this site and I tried these saltine cracker trick and low and behold 10 minutes later he's up and playing. If you got little kids try this home remedy!!! Thanks for this site!

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