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Drop a small amount of perfume or cologne in some cold water. Soak some cotton in this solution and place on the eyes.

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Wow. I was calmly drinking a glass of water when I read all this about the cologne for the eye--now I'm laughing my guts out and the water is everywhere and I'm choking. Ha ha ha ha ha ! Why would anyone want to put cologne anywhere near their eyes ? Hee hee hee ! I'm getting stomach cramps from giggling and am so excited that I will probably have to use the home remedy of warm milk to get to sleep. : ) Ooooo this was a funny one for sure ! 'My, your eyes sure do smell good !' I hope I can remember to think of this the next time I get a little sad. WHEW ! Hee hee hee ! ! !


That remedy is not the smartest.


I think this person was actually kidding. But if the person wasn't joking this is rubbish!!! And should not post such misleading remedy!


If somebody tries this remedy it deserves the consequences!


What a stupid idiot.

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