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Bacon works! I had an infection in my big toe, on the side, between my skin and nail. I'm not sure how it happened. I was about to go to the drs., but read the bacon suggestion. I wrapped 1 slice of bacon around my toe and put my foot ina plastic bag, without securing the top. My infection is now gone. Try it, it worked, and my infected toe was sore and looked rather bad.

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Do not put bacon on infected toes. It does not work. Your toes will fall off. Go to doctor immediately.


You will need to leave it on for at least a week

cheryl ray

My grandson had a bug bite that got infected. Red was surrounding the bite by an inch. I put bacon on it and a bandaid....the next morning the bacon had the infection in it and his arm looked like nothing ever happened.


I used bacon three days ago! After reading these comments, I tried it. It was ingrown and infected on both sides. It is all gone! I honestly never believed it would work.

Alex dow

I have an ingrown toenail im going to try this out tonight

Mamma did it tis way

I also use becon to draw out boils, splintrs etc.. Just tape a small piece of becon on affected area overnight, maybe up to 3 night. It DOES WORK, people should not laugh at what you have not tried.


This was tried on me when I was a kid. I do NOT recommend it. The infected wound I had got much worse because of the bacon. to clear it up, my aunts would pour large amounts of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol over it three times a day followed up with a clean dressing. The raw bacon made it MUCH WORSE.


This is the biggest troll post ever!
Bacon is a breeding ground for bacteria guys, why do you think it needs to be cooked? Last weekend while camping I eneded up with a very serious infection in my hand just because I was handling bacon and had dry skin! I didn't have any cuts or anything, the little germs got in through some cracked dry skin. I was even careful to wash my hands as well as I could (in the middle of nowhere).
Please nobody be dumb enough to try to put raw bacon on an open or already infected wound. Thats just asking for a darwin award. Leave the insides of animals off of your outsides!


I had cut my toe nail to short an it got infected, when my 75year old neighbor told me to put bacon on it I laughed at her, but now my toe is much better thanks to her... bacon works!!!


A lot say to leave it on over night. But it's just till your toe feels better.

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