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Bacon works! I had an infection in my big toe, on the side, between my skin and nail. I'm not sure how it happened. I was about to go to the drs., but read the bacon suggestion. I wrapped 1 slice of bacon around my toe and put my foot ina plastic bag, without securing the top. My infection is now gone. Try it, it worked, and my infected toe was sore and looked rather bad.

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I am Laughing Out Loud! As if!


Do you rinse with chicken blood after?? lol


if this really happened it was probably the salt in the baacon drawing out the infected moisture from ur skin


you had that infection because of a ingrown toenail and yes it was the salt the helped not the bacon itself go to the dr. if it happens again


Was the bacon raw??


I am doing that not, i have an infected ingrown toenail. the bacon is raw and my toe is feeling better.


how long do you leave it on for?


After i read this i put salt in my infection < just like the infection you had, it almost gone after 3 days,thanks! and thanks to you who commented it that


Actually I would believe this. Bacon has been know to help alot of things. Like a chest cold, putting bacon on your chest helps it alot.


For how long do yuh leave iht on summone plzzzz reply

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