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My name is Rosie osorio, and i have the worse pain in my tooth, and i try everything you can possible try, but nothing worked until i was about to get my own tooth out my self and i did was horrible but i was about to jump out the window ,,the next day i went to the dentist and he thought that i was crazy so he told me that if i ever have the same kind of pain again .......,,he told me not to take it out lol but he gave me the best idea #1brush it real good #2 floss it really good too #3 use mouth wash like 10 times in a row until u feel the numbness .... becouse mouth wash kills every bacteria # if you have xanax is even better just take 1 or 2 mg and i promise u wont feel anything for at least 2 days but if u keep doing it you'll never feel any pain again, and the reason why is good to take xanax is becouse xanax is for nerves, and what causes the pain in your tooth is nerves ,......;-) > I hope that you feel better and let me know if it worked for you

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hey you really help it work i haven't had pain for a long time thanks for the help doc.


Worked like a charm, once i got past the pain of brushing it. Thank you.


Thank you Rosie, so kind to pass this information along, best idea so far!

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