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im 20 years old and i got cancer so i stay sick all the time, esp with colds.
over time i eventually perfected a solution to my cough, sore throat, runny nose, and generally feeling like crap all in a coffee cup :)
take 4 halls cough drops, the honey lemon work best but i usually mix the honey lemon with the cherry kind... makes it taste even better.... crush up ur 4 cough drops in a plastic bag then drop it into a coffee cup... pour hot water into the cup almost full... u will see the vapors already start to rise... put it in the microwave for about a minute... drink and sniff slowly... by the time ur done with it ur whole body will feel better...p.s. use an old coffee cup cus sometimes the drops stick to the sides... i hope i helped somebody!!

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thank you for your help and im sorry you have cancer i hope you feel get better


You should read up on medical weed. There have been cases where weed has cured the cancer. I'm only telling you this because I'm a breast cancer surviver. It helped a lot with the pain, nausea, and the aches I would get. Look into it ;-)


Gerson Therapy is the only true cure to cancer. Expelling toxins from your body and pumping you full of vitamins and minerals to fight the cancer or any deadly disease. I know of a lady right now with lymes disease who was going down hill very quickly and the gerson therapy has changed her life, she is getting increasingly better every day!


Thanks for sharing this! Hope you've beat your cancer for good and hope you are still here with us to live a long life :) God Bless!


God bless, will pray that you will be cured.


Thanks Tyler this really helped;god bless you


Thank you Tyler. I hope since this post over a year ago you have beat that horrible cancer.

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