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If you get swimmers ear, my mother used to mix white venigar and rubbing alcohol together and heat in microwave for 5 seconds. Drop a few drops of that in the ear and pull ear slightly to manuver liquid into ear canal. The venigar helps ease the pain and the rubbing alcohol dries up any remaining water in canal. To this day I use this remedy on my boys, and it works like a charm every time! :)

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I'm sure your cure would get more respect if you spelled V-I-N-E-G-A-R correctly. When in doubt, please check - especially when attempting to educate others, then you will have more impact.


wow your a dick but i'm about to try this.


This is a great remedy regardless of the spelling of vinegar. I've used it for many years on my girls. I took an empty eye drop bottle and put the concoction in there to use all summer. Works like a charm.


what is up with the spelling police on this site. I'm gonna try this one tonight. It made it worse the last time I used it but then again I learned when I tried it I already had a busted ear drum so things were a bit worse then a normal infection. Went swimming last night and starting to hurt today, tryin to stop it before it gets bad. thinks for this


Thank you for the vinegar and rubbing alcohol recipe! It was the one I was looking for since I couldn't remember it. I was on my high school swim team with my sister and we got swimmer's ear regularly. We used this remedy everytime with success. Today my 8 year old needed it & we just made it up and it worked like a charm just like the good old days. Thanks again.


how many drops do we put?


Worked like a charm. My son is in swimming classes and started telling me his ear was hurting. My husband use to get swimmers ear as a kid. Thank you!!!


i hope this works


Hi, can you give me the exact portion ?
vinegar - how many drops ?
alcohol - how many drops ? and what kind of alcohol are you referrring ? ethanol, mythlated spirit ?

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