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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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Adding an acid to water shifts lowers or decreases pH. Pure water has a pH of 7 and is considered neutral. As pH drops hydrogen ion concentration increases. a pH between 5.5 and 7 is mildly acidic, good examples would be dilute vinegar or boric acid, safe for medical use. A pH of 1-3 is highly acidic, good examples would be sulphuric(battery) acid or hydrochloric (muriatic) acid used to clean concrete and clogged sewers. Another way to think of this would be eggs and sausages are actually preserved when placed in 5% vinegar. An egg or sausage violently dissolves in sulphuric or hydrochloric acids at pH 3 and under. Dont try this without proper training, supervision, safety gear and ventilation. Recipes for boric acid solutions can be found in Mercks Index(c), or USP/National Formulary Handbook either of which are in most public library reference sections. Thats as official as it gets if your afraid of hearsay.


There are 100 safer herbal remedies you can make at home, you always being brain washed by the pharmaceutical company's, and disease care MD's to use there poisons they deem safe so they can glorify themselves in harming you for job security. God bless you all.


There are 100 safer herbal remedies, like chamomile tea that you can make at home, you always being brain washed by the pharmaceutical company's, and disease care MD's to use their poisons first, that they deem safe so they can glorify themselves in harming you for job security. God bless you all.


To the first poster, if this has not yet been said enough already:

You're an uneducated, unverified-mass-information-addicted, simpering idiot.


It will get your mind out of the refuse pile.


I really wish the miserable jerks writing hateful things about home remedies or natural cures would really just throw themselves into the fiery chasm from whence they came. There is absolutely no need for the hatefulness and discontent. Just go away...


Boric acid does wonders!! I make sure i have two or three bottles handy!!


i'm getting the boric acid as we speek to treat my mothers eyes as she did to all 6 of her kids. she has been to kaiser 3 times in the past month. 2 visits were with the eye dr. and she still wakes up with both eyes crusted shutspent alot of money and wasted time grandma's remedies really work.


My mother always used homemade boric acid solution to treat our eyes and it always cleared up the problem.

She would boil about a cup of water, then add about 1 tsp boric acid, let it cool and use an eye cup to apply to the eyes.

I have used it on my children with the same good results.

Also, our cats had eye infections and I used it on them, I applied it with a botton ball which had been soaked in the boric acid solution and it cleared up their problem too.


Drinking seawater is toxic and will kill you yet we swim in it and get it in our eyes. Pool water has high concentration of chlorine forming several toxic cchemicals yet we swin it and get it in our eyes. We shower with tap water and get it in our eyes along with soaps and shampoos. Boric acid is on the same level as acetic acid found in lemon juice. Your stomach acid is far more toxic and acidic than boric acid. The old timers know from experience that it's harmless and the educated technical folks know it fine. It seems the younger folks lack the common sense and science skills to evaluate it something as simple as a boric acid eyewash. Remember no drug company is ever going to tell you how to simply solve a minor eye problem. Your eye doctor will after you pay him for a visit. Serious eye problems should be treated immediately by an eye doctor.


We used a Boric Acid eye wash for eye infections all the time when I was a kid, so those of you who were so insulting don't know which end is up. When used in the right proportions Boric Acid eye wash is very effective. Do some research before you insult someone or better yet just keep you mouth shut.

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