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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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Question: Do any of you have a recipe for boric acid to use on pressure sores or bed sores? Sure would appreciate the info.


You guys are mostly morons. You can buy boric acid eye wash at the drug store.


BORIC ACID was recommended for my fist born in 1957 by her peditrician and I already knew as my mom used it on many babies. one teaspoon in two cups of boiled water(C00LED) we would wipe the newborns eyes out with A LITTLE WHITE CLOTH DIPPED AND SQUEEZED OR COTTON BALLS, when ever they seem to have a build up of mucus in the corner of the eye. it worked like a charm!!


boil 1 qt. water~ add 3/4 tbsp. boric acid, allow solution to cool and use as an eyewash. will keep several weeks if refrigerated. I use it on myself as well as on my children and animals. So far~so good!


I just began using boric acid this week on my eye because it was constantly gunky. My mom told me about it a few years ago, this is the first time i ever actually used it to help with an eye problem or infection of some sort. its been 2 days and my eye feels so much better then it did. I was fighting this eye gunk for 2 months. I wish i thought of mom's old trick awhile ago!


I just looked on my bottle of contact solution and Boric Acid is in it. Ya'll are stupid talking about burning your eyes. lol. Maybe if you didn't mix it with water and poured it straight in your eyes. haha


1 cup of boiled water,mix 1 tbls of boric acid powder until dissolved, let cool to room temp.Dip cotton ball in the solution and wash eye, works quicker to cure an eye infection that it would take you to make a doctors appt. Don't let the word acid fool you, its not that kind of acid.


that niggga on the top comment needs to stop acting like a wise ass


Using Boric Acid as An eye wash isn't stupid, If you were smart and Looked on the bottle of everyday COMMON eye washes from brand name companies called boush and lomb...They use boric acid to stablize the PH of the salt water eye was solution. To change the PH of water you simply cannot use ordinary table salt, it has to be Acid based made from an acid. To Raise the PH...When you raise the PH of a solution, It inhibits the growth of micro organsms such as bacteria, mold, viruses. DUHHH Boric acid by it self is toxic yes, You dont eat it, its a dehydrating agent used in pesticides, it dehydrates the insects. But when mixed with water in salt, it changes the PH of the water, Killing the bad stuff...Plus its an eye WASH your not keeping it on your eye, so your eye balls tissue wont absorb it. There living cells in your eye. If you knew how the eye worked you would understand.


Boric acid was used long ago as an eye wash before they had all the preserved pre bottle crap they use today. Preservatives are harmful to the eye, thats why boric acid eye was solution made at home can be better for you. But chances are why its not used any more because someone forgot to sterilze the water or boil it or made the wrong dosage and they went blind...and in this day...Lovely Law suits followed...and Then the big money and drug companies shut it down.

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