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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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I am 57 years old. I have suffered from allergies all my life and as a child my eyes often crusted over during the night. At the recommendation of our doctor my mother boiled a solutiom of boric acid and gently washed my eyelids and tearducts with a warm solution on cotton. It was a wonderful relief and I still have my health and eyesight today. As a matter of fact, I just received an order from our pharmacy today to treat my husband and I for eye irritation resulting from a serious eye infection.

And people - all solutions are alkaline or acid - that certainly doesnt make them bad

Bonnie S.

I am 51 years old, and am currently using boric acid. Used it all my life for eye sties.Tried a tiny bottle of liquid in Pharmacy for $10, eye got worse. Started looking like I had a small stroke. My husband stopped at the pharmacy, the large bottle was$5. Years ago the bottle use to tell you the ratio of acid and water for eye wash. Only idiots would be afraid of it, or people who make money from the pharmaceuticals. I put 1/8 of a teaspoon to 1 cup of water in small sauce pan and boil to dissolve, let completely cool, use cottonball to drop in eyes. I used it 4 times 1 day, 4 times the next, and woke up to a normal looking face w/ no more pain. Will do it today also to be sure it's over. 1 cup goes a long way. Good health to you.


Maybe it is the word'ACID' that is confusing some folk. I am 66 years of age and my Mother used a weak solution of boracic acid and warm water when ever any of us four kids had 'sticky eyes'. It really relieves the complaint quickly ans there is no pain of any kind. Why don't doctors recommend this simple procedure? The answer is that they would miss out on the mighty dollar if they did.


It is an eye wash that's why! It works stupid as long as you follow the dilution instructions.


My grand mother, born in 1888, passed away at 91 years. She used boric acid eyewash herself and on all her kids, grandkids and great-grand-kids for easing stuck-shut eyes We also used it for kittens or puppies with 'bad' eyes. I had forgotten the amount per quart, so was looking here. I have a 'cold' in one eye, i.e. inflamation from wind and cold. Boric acid is, indeed, in OTC eye remedies. Pthiiitt to the scoffers

Re Boric acid in the eye

I also heard that boric acid is good for the eyes...Why so much agression around a simple discussion? Relax people: No need to be vulgar or rude...we learn everyday and ignorance should not make you agressive...

Teddy Bear's Mommy

I read all the postings that are on here and I just got more confused.
So I talked to my sister about it and she reminded me that when I had a eye infection , I used Lipton Tea to relieve the gunk , pink color , and infection completely. My eye infection was way worse then my dog's..
A week ago I started to treat his eyes with warm tea bags , I held them on for about 10 minutes , I was sure to wipe his eyes with a warm wet cloth before and after .. Now he is back to normal ..

it works

wtf is your problem people?????
it does work, doctors do the same thing!!!!!


There are very few things, that if too much is entered into the human body, won't be toxic or cause death. This includes water. Many drugs work by being taken in amounts that kill the parasite and not the host. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions trying to find things or compounds that work for an ailment and what dosage will cause the least damage or side effects and still work. The PH balance you hear about is the balance of acid to alkaline. Most things fall on one side or the other, and they counteract each other. Too far up the scale in either direction can be caustic to people. Things that are very alkaline will also burn you. Vinegar and Citrus juice work for a lot of things because of their acid content. Don't be afraid of a mild Boric acid solution. It alters the ph so the organisms infecting the eye can't thrive.

A 68 Yr Old Texan

In the early 50's, a small town doctor cured my eye infection with a small amount of boric acid eye wash. The process cannot be patented because a natural mineral cannot be patented. It works on humans and animals. It is cheap. I saved a baby kitten that had worms in it's eyes. It can now see and it is a very healthy young cat.

So Mr. Pharmacutical, You are actually the stupid one! Keep your two-bit opinions to your self! I will even bet that my eyes are in better shape than yours are

The only educated people that says this is stupid, stands to lose money because they cannot patent Boric Acid.

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