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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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I used to be able to purchase - Humco 4 oz. containers of Boric Acid Powder, at Walmart, on the shelf, for around $1.50 ... prior to 2006, & now, after calling all over town, I could only find a small number of places which even sell it at all, & the prices are much higher. I did find one distant Walmart which had it on the shelf (6 oz. for $5.08), & then I called my local Walmart, just to re-check, & they finally said they could order it for me, & have it within 28 hours (6 oz. $4.28), ... which is the best price I have found anywhere, internet included, considering adding postage to the total cost.

Sad though, that the availability of such a historically basic household medical supply, should be so hard to purchase in reasonably small amounts (large amounts often get wasted due to lack of use, & expiration dates, etc.), & likewise, it is sad that the price has more than doubled in 2+ years, ....

I am guessing the reasons are due to the controversy over health concerns regarding large quantities of Boric Acid being used in mattresses as a fire preventative, without the knowledge of purchasers, as well as the big companies whom would prefer consumers purchase their very expensive 'eye rinse' & 'yeast infection' products, rather than good old ... water & a little boric acid, ... which incidentally works extremely well, & much appreciated when those costly rinses & creams, & prescriptions fail.

Canadian eh

I purchased a 4 or 5 oz. container of the powder from my local pharmacy for $1.00. They even typed the eye wash formula on the label!!

Terry C, NJ

'WHy the hell would anyone be stupid enough to put Boric acid or any type of acid on their eyes?'

Geezus, how f**king stupid are YOU?

Doctors prescribe - and have prescribed - Boric Acid for years for pink eye.

There are different kind of acids, dipstick.


Wow. The 'stupid enough
commentor obviously didn;t take a science class in grade school. 'Acid' comes in many strengths and forms. Boric acid, when mixed with water is a very gentle SOLUTION PERFECT FOR CLEANING THE EYE.

sue s.

We used boric acid too- my mother would stir the crystals into a small amount of boiling water until no more would dissolve.. It does indeed sound scary- but did work; and even those super concentrated solutions did not hurt us at all.


Those who have never heard of a DILUTED boric acid solution for eyes and are CRITICAL of it show how little they really know. A boric acid solution has been used for more than a hundred years and is quite mild. Do any of you critical guys realize how much of our body's PH is acid?? Acid by itself doesn't mean burn a hole in anything.


It is been used as an eye wash for years
will no ill effects that I have eer heard of. Is even an ingredient in some
eyewashes you can buy at the drug store. It is very diluted the reson it works as I understand it is bacteria and fungi do not do well in acid enviroment. With about 2 sec of looking you will find a variety of articles of it's many uses


When I was a child, we could get a tube of boric acid ointment to be used at night so that the eyes wouldn't be crusted shut in the morning. I think it was an over the counter product. Sure would like to find that now adays!!
Thanks for the formula...been wondering how to mix it up for a wash.
Anybody know how to mix up a solution I heard about to spray on the floor joists to help eliminate spiders in the basement???


I remember as a child having acute allergies, and waking up every day with my eyes pasted shut, my mother cleaned my eyes and washed them with boric acid every day, it's the only thing that worked. I also used it for my children , and it worked for them also.

About 5-6 years ago, I noticed that I couldnt find boric acid on the shelves as before, and the few bottles that I did, the directions were not on the bottles ! so I asked the pharmacist there, and he said it is being pulled off the shelves, he said the big pharmaceutical companies of course wants us to use their expensive medicines (many dont work) and of course without the proper measurements to mix it properly, it can at that point be harmful. The 1 tablespoon per quart of boiled water is correct .

A situation that I have now is with my grandson who is nearly 6 weeks old and has watery, crusty eyes, I told my son that he needs to have his eyes washed out with boric acid and he said the pediatrician said his eyes are alright and didnt need anything, he said the doctors dont mention boric acid anymore. I'm so angry about all this, I can only hope that he will smarten up and find a doctor who knows what is going on and prescribe what my grandson needs.


Use it all the time, mostly for foot/shoes. As eye wash 2t to 1T per quart boiled (10 min.) water.

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