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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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Have any of you tried using goldenseal (tea or tincture) in the boric acid solution? Since it's a potent antimicrobial, I wondered if it would work better on conjunctivitis than boric acid alone. Boric acid has been used for a really long time by THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY for treating eye problems, so this is not something just used by mothers and grandmothers. I learned about it in nursing school. Funny how people will eat bizarre things when put in commercial foods, but have a problem with a well-proven remedy. Incidentally, the crystals, when sprinkled on rugs and brushed in, will elminiate fleas because the larvae eat it when they hatch from the eggs.


boric acid solution has been used generation after generation and it works.
to the dummies- it will not make u go blind if used correctly, but chronic masturbation will so be careful out there.


I have used boric acid for my eyes for years and NEVER had any kind of reaction to it..Any time I had an eye infection or some kind of irritant I would reach for the container..I know the name 'acid' can be scarey but it's not like that at all..I've never hesitated to use it...


My parents used boric acid for years on us for minor eye infections usually caused by allergies. (I do have allergies!) Trying to locate it over the counter I was looked upon like a potential terrorist! Then after looking at the confusing information out there I'm NOW worried! I'll call my doctor since there are no directions on the bottle I found in the drug store.


when it says small amount, how much are we talking?


Go to any pet store and look at the eye washes for dogs. Its a Boric Acid Solution. It cost $9.95. Or you can buy boric acid and mix with warm water and save about $7.00. I am not sure of the mixture but you can look it up.


I am allergic to a lot of things put in medications as inactive ingredients so one year when I had conjunctivitis and a bad reaction to the eye drops my doctor prescribed, [it was the chamomile, that's how I found out I am allergic to chamomile] he told me how to mix a tablespoon of boric acid powder [that i bought in the over the counter first aid section of a major pharmacy retailer] in a quart of boiling water. Boric acid dissolves MUCH better in boiling water than cold. Then I let it cool and used it as eyedrops every couple of hours for a few days. Also, my doctor recommended I use it in the uninfected eye as well, taking caution NOT to let the dropper touch either eye at any time. This was supposed to help prevent the spread of the conjunctivitis. Since it didn't spread, I am guessing it might have worked.
Ever since then, even when I get viral conjunctivitis from a cold, I have used this method and it works for me. Normally viral conjunctivitis clears up on its own after 2-3 weeks! It's caused by the same viruses as the common cold so there's no real cure for it. But a weak boric acid solution works for me. And is very soothing for the itching that accompanies conjunctivitis.

Gail McBee

I have used a mild boric Acid solution for years to clean and soothe the eyes of my horses..They become very irritated from dust and flies in the summer and this keeps them comfortable/ As a child in the 40's my father used it to help ease the pain and drainage in my ears which were ruptured and draining, That was a long time ago but it worked well.


For those of you who doubt that a boric acid solution used in the eyes for pink eye, I say, you better believe. My mother used it all the time on me and my three siblings to cure pink eye, and I still have my sight. It is a most effective cure.


Physicians these days do not recommend home treatment with boric acid for 2 reasons. The first is simply that there are different types of eye infections, some home treatable and some not, and without proper diagnosis, a patient may delay treatment of one of the ones that can't be treated at home.

The second reason is that many (not all!) people who use home remedies based on rumour or 'my grandma used it' don't pay attention to the details. Boric acid IS used as an eyewash, and safe if handled properly,but in improper proportions can cause boron poisoning, and there is also considerable risk smply from putting any nonsterile substance into the eye.

And the stuff to clean blood off the floor? That would be muriatic acid or 'deck wash' which is also good for cleaning up quartz crystals for display.

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