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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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We always used boric acid as an eyewash when we were kids. Ain't blind yet!


Brief commentary + recap of sensible comments made -

1. Mild solution of pharmaceutical grade boric acid and sterile/sterilized water (approximately 1/4 tablespoon per cup of water - [dissolves better in very hot/boiling water]), is an inexpensive + effective eyewash for various, moderate eye irritations/ailments. (Keep unused portion refrigerated in sterile sealed container: glass bottle preferable over plastic or metal- less risk of cross-contamination/leaching).

2. Many modern 'professional medical folk' are ignorant or adverse to simple, effective + inexpensive 'do it yourself' treatments/cures...'love of money/power' creates conflict of interest regarding proposed/prescribed treatments + procedures.

3. Arrogance is ignorance posing as omnipotence.


Correction - last line should read...

3. Arrogance is ignorance posing as omniscience.

(Got my omni's interchanged).

Linda C

They used to sell Boric acid in liquid form. I guess the Pharmaceutical companies caught on and decided to stop selling it that way. YEAH,so we HAD TO GO to a DR. to get an RX!! Pathetic! I had a bottle of it for years and it got rid of PINK EYE every time! When diluted properly,boiled and then applied to the eye sparingly,it really worked! We did not abuse the use of it either. Boric acid is the only acid that can be used in the eyes! SO, get informed you KNOTHEADS! Drs. DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!! TRUST ME!!

Concern freak

This post about using boric acid for eye remedy should be removed!!!! You never know it may hurt someone who's so gulliable!


Love it , well said !


Funny, I stumbled on this post after returning from my eye doctor who suggested I use boric acid in a solution of water to sooth my pink eye...I have another eye condition that can be sensitive to i tried eye..gone...he said it's a common use and us safe as long as it is used properly... 1 teaspoon for 1 quart or boiled in a glass jar, allow to cool, then use cotton balls or a clean cloth to dab on the eyes....cover glass jar and use as needed forbthe next few days....doctors orders and it worked

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