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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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Correctly diluted boric acid works wonderfully! In fact, I am using it for a current infection in both eyes. My suggestion to anyone with bacterial conjunctivitis, get rid of the mascara. It could be a source for re-infection if you used it while your eyes were infected. Just a thought...

K.F. Montague, scientist

Dr. Paul Ehrlich back in the early part of the 20th Century used a diluted amount of arsenic to create a formula called Formula 606 which was very effective in curing syphilus during his day. This was before conventional western allopathic antibiotics were in use. Before his work, people died slowly and horribly, often going blind from this dreaded disease we take for granted these days.

Granted there were some cases that were lost, but only when the aresenic based antibiotic was prepared improperly or ran into other agents in the body from the individual's food source that interfered with the new compound's efficacy that Dr. Erlich had creatd. Still Erlich saved more lives than he lost as his first time out to finally take a stab at the dreaded disease which was at epidemic proportions during his time.

Point is, you can use things like boric acid for the body, even in the eyes, but not at full strength. That's the key. Everything is always a trade off as one surgeon told me one day while we were talking. Everything has risk to it, even conventional antibiotics which are prone to producting candidas yeast infections from too much over use and abuse these days. There are always side effects or byproducts to any treatment protocol whether it be natural or synthetic, speaking from heavy experience.

Even heavy concentrations of peroxide can be diluted for the eyes by taking 35% food grade peroxide and diluting it by a ratio of 11 to 1 to create a 3% concentration, then diluting the 3% again by 11 times more to create a solution of .3% for the eyes without upsetting the eyes. It makes for a good effective wash I've used for my own eyes over the years. There is an excellent book written by Dr. William Douglass entitled 'Hydrogen Peroxide - Medical Miracle' which makes for great reading on the many ways to dilute and use peroxide in and on the body, especially though IV treatment and its benefits to chronic disease issues. The best combo is EDTA alternated with H2O2 treatments known as Chelox treatments when dealing with artery plaque or congested tissue issues from illness.

Also, the 3% peroxide is great for the ears and cleaning the inner ear, if you leave it in the ear while lying down for about 10 minutes while it bubbles away wax and fungus build up. Just make sure to drain your ear afterwards after you get up and gently wipe it out with a cotton swab. I like to go deep into the ear with the cotton swab only because I know how the ear channel is constructed. If you know how to navigate that area, you won't puncture the ear drum. So don't do this unless you are very familar with the construct of the ear cannel and always be gentle when wiping.

Boric acid must be heavily diluted to be of use to cleanse the tissues of the eyes. I think you also can find this covered in Hulda Clark's book 'Cure to All Diseases' on the many uses of boric acid.

Concentration or dosage, is a major key to using all synthetic and natural remedies. Always start with the weakest dilution possible when trying something out, then build the concentration to the level you find most efficacious over time. There is plenty of scientific literature on this premise of dosage and concentration levels too which is at the heart of all the healing arts world wide.

Another example is use of citric acid in concentration. The juice of an orange can give your body a good cleaning and lots of Vitamin C, but did you know it is also good at deglazing stainless steal when heat is used? I use citric acid to clean the stainless steal tub of my distiller when making fresh distilled water for my work, but it is a more concentrated crystal form I buy vs that which is in orange juice. Still the juice of an orange will do good initial work on mineral build up to the metal without harming the metal.

Here's another one few know: All too often people who burn their stainless steal frying pans tend to use harsh chemicals when none of that is needed. All you have to do is add water back into the pan and heat it to boiling which is about 240 degrees farhenheit, the boiling point of water. The same thing that made the acids of both animal and plant flesh stick to the pan, under heat, will also remove them by using nothing but water and heat to deglaze the pan. Try it? Just let it sit on the stove for about 10 to 15 minutes at boiling and watch a miracle of science happen.

It's all pH, pressure, temperature, exposure and concentration in the end when it comes to our science; that does the miracles in nature when you know how to use it with percision. I think that is all this fellow is trying to say who posted the use of boric acid.

I'm a scientist, artisan and scholar writing this to help out, but if you won't believe a man with my letters, read up more on dosages and concentration levels. You'll be surprised what you learn!


I remember my mother using it... thought it was for ear infection.


I'd just like to say that in all the years my mom used this powder on my sister, brother and myself as a cleansing agent against pnk eye, styes,sticky eyes and general eye ailments we have never had a single problem with it. There are no after effects-surely there should be after 30 years of use. It has no scent nor does it hurt or burn when u use it so the way to tell if u have mixed too much powder and too little water would be to check if it burns a little-but even then the burn is minimal. Also i dont call it by the same name as you guys. I call it 'BORACIC POWDER'. Thats what it says on the box i buy from our pharmacy.


Good for you - seems we have educate so many 'uninformed' in this day and age. My mother always used it when we had any eye problems. I just came on now to get the recipe to make some. I recently asked for it in the drug store and the druggist had a hard time even finding it. He said I sure shouldn't be using that for my eyes. I took him to the eye drops and showed him the ingredients. Can you believe it? This is the way health care is going.


Does anyone know if boracic acid could be used for Blepharitis ( persistent inflammation of the eyelids)? I've been using hot compresses and Lid-Care towelettes and not having much success.


There is a pharmacy grade boric acid.That's the kind you need to buy for this solution.


I am a Medical assistant and in the Registered Nursing program in Florida. I have never seen a doctor use Boric acid, I have had them request it, it is extreme poisonous if ingested and considering the eyelids are so thin, the poison soaks through the pores, into the blood system quicker and reaches the brain without time for the body to filter and dilute it. Essentially, this is your brain on Boric Acid.


Boric Acid mixed with sterile water is the best cleaning solution for the eyes. This message is for the person who thinks this is some sort of acid, It is the most gentle and soothing wash for an inflamed eye. Extremely healing for eye styes. This is an old tried and true wash that is cheap and better than anything on the market or prescribed by Dr. Ask your Dr the next time you see him or her.


I looked up boric acid on wikipedia and i it confirms that it has been used as an eye rinse.

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