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Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief and also to clean the eyes.

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Smart enough not to Use Acid on Eyes!

WHy the hell would anyone be stupid enough to put Boric acid or any type of acid on their eyes?


Boric acid is common in many eye care products. It is a good eye wash solution. A little research would enlighten you.

Why would you suggest that!!

Good thing there is a WARNING on top of this page; you better hope nobody is stupid enough to try your remedy, as they would go blind. I heard of drug dealers who used boric acid to scrub the basement where they did their killings because it had the strongest effect.


has this person lost thier f ing mind?i hope no one puts boric acid in thier face!!i have used it as a pesticide!its not the same kind as is used in eye solutions of any sort! its a poison.


Growing up we always used this for stys, pink eye, etc. I've been trying to find out the ratio of boric acid to water to use. And to those who are so shocked, go read the ingredients of common eye drops.


I have used boric acid for years. If the kids got an eye infection or when I had pink eye. Used it on the dog too. Didn't realize that at different doses it killed roaches, etc. I can assure you it sounds terrible but it is completely painless and MUCH less expensive than a doctor visit.


I've been using boric acid as an eye wash for over 40 years for stys, pink eye, and painful oil glands on my eyelids. It's wonderful used correctly. Just ask the opthamalogist!


to the one who said who would be stupid enough to use acid in the eyes--read the ingredients of any over the counter redness remedy for the eyes under inactive ingredients and you will find boric acid


as a child my family also used boric acid sold in the grocery in a little can by the company White Swan, for pink eye. In larger quantities my Father also used it to kill mice and rats. When ingested it dries the body out. However when pink eye strikes I still search the grocery for White Swan(no longer there)


this day and age , one would think to use the internet as a reference tool to look up information prior to making a total ass of onself for making comments regarding pinkeye and boric acid use, just as the less intelligent ones have done. if you are intelligent enough to use a computer , it might behoove you to read the labels of any eyecare product before stating that you ,'heard that people use it to clean floors after a murder.' in large quantities, boric acid can be used to kill roaches and mice. unless you live in either one of those kingdoms,you shouldn't worry. furthermore, the people who intend that boric acid use is harmful are the same ones who snuff gas and paint thinner to get high, and use fertilizer to make drugs. this is not from personal experience but relative to work. perhaps the best advice one can give should come from someone who has MD as their last name, not just any internet user. and the days before internet or affordable healthcare became available, we relied on what grandmother used. enough said. hopefully by the time you're done reading , your IQ will have raised enough so that you can stop making false statements and learn something.

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