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I decided to look into acne home remedies when I stumbled unto an article stating vegans have more salicylic acid in their blood. Not only do many fruits and veggies provide it but so do herbs and spices in even greater quantity. It made sense to me that honey mixed with nutmeg or cinnamon would actually work, and it does. Simply make a paste with the ingredients above adding sugar and lime/lemon juice to thin it out. Don't get hung up on amounts, and don't hesitate to try it. Keeping this on all night this will help with acne scarring as well, otherwise a 15 minute mask will show improvement. After doing this once or twice you will want to keep it on, because if it works for you you will know. I grate my own cinnamon/nutmeg but already ground should work fine.

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how often do you do this


I just tried it :) I left it on for 20 min and washed it off with warm water, and I think my redness actually did go down!! Im gonna try it on all night next so we'll see! Thanks soooooo much!! Everything else I've ever tried hasn't done anything but make my acne worse.

One question, what do you wash your face with daily? Cuz this is more of a mask.


i just tried this it made my skin super soft an i noticed the redness was faded just after 15 min. thank you for your home remedies!!


I tried it for 15 minutes, to test it out. And I didn't see any change. It might have been my ingredients or something, I don't know. All I know is, for me, personally this remedy did not work. It might work for others though.

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