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Jon Read

Most anti depression remedies are taken orally and will contain some sort of artificial seretoning replacement.
Seretoning being the substance naturally produced by our bodies from the natural daylight our eyes retina receives.
Lack of daylight through shortening daylight hours or peoples work enviroments causes our bodies to produce too much Melatoning,the substance responsible for making us feel run down and lethargic.Now because of the fact that Melatoning uses Seretoning as part of its own production is it any wonder there are so many of us run down, fed up and depressed.The name given to this condition is SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER (S.A.D).
Some of the simptoms include;
Interupted sleep patterns ie waking up in the middle of the night with your mind racing so not being able to go back to sleep easily.
Feeling excessively tied during the day.
Feeling run down and lathargic.
Finding it hard to consentrate.
Eating more carbohydrates and so putting on more weight.
The natural cure for this condition that most of us suffer with is to purchase a natural daylight lightbox.Theres a few on the market but becarefull some of them dont ommit the relevent level of light required to benifit.
I would recomend the BRITEBOX ENERGISE,
its been reduced from £210 to £169 and is classed as a medical devise so is vat exempt.
Next day delivery also included.

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one day i was bored so i looked up inspirational quotes and i came across,'every second you spend being upset is a second of your life you aint gettin back'

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