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put a damp rag inside a microwave safe cup. microwave for 1 minute and hold the cup to your ear the steam rises into your ear and loosens up any wax build ups causing discomfort. sometimes the drainage can be gross, i suggest using an old rag u can throw away after.

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Turner (age 20)

I tried this on one of the worst ear infections ive ever had and it did feel a little sootheing as I did it but as soon as it was done the pain came back. Did it again and same exact thing, pain came back just minutes after.


I'm 14 and crying cause of this pain, and I tried this and it didn't workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :(


It worked!


did not work... brief relief from pain.. 30-60 secs... but came back...


well, in theory it makes sense so i thought i'd try it, have the steam and moisture liquify the muck in your ear and let it did work to a degree, i can hear at about 80-90% when it was 50% before, but in no way has it cured it, and i don't know how long it will last for - i just did it

also, i did it for a real long time, like 25-30 mins, and laid on my side, figuring that it needed to be done for a while to be effective - you also gotta watch burning the skin on your ear, and find a happy medium between hot steam and too hot!

i hope it works as a final solution and not temporary, but i'm not betting on it.......also i experienced no drainage and was sort of hoping to so that i could 'see results'


i tried this, and you won't experience immediate drainage if the wax in ear is too hard, it may take a couple days for it to drain fully due to it being an extremely large and hard piece of wax. I have done this with the four drops two times daily to remove the bacteria and yes the pressure is still there and much less than before. And i will continue until fully drained. (you may also need to use an ear candle or get it flushed out once the wax is soft enough to move without causing further pressure on bones and ear drum if lodged too far back)


This dosnt work it just makes youre ear nasty


It felt reallyy good, I'm 13 and this is the second worse ear infection I ever had. This helped the pain, but whatever I did, it still came back! I found a good way to prevent ear infection in the first place- my doctor told me to put my hair back after swimming or showering because my wet hair gets my ears infected. That helped a lot- until now..


It takes the pain away, be careful not to burn your ear. It feels good altho it may only work if your ears blocked with wax not if you have an ear infection.


I'm 17 and have had an ear infection for about 2 weeks, havent gone to the doctor yet because i really have no pain. The grime has been building up though and for a few days it has felt like i had an earplug in.I finally snapped and tried this and it cleared it up really well.

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