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I had horrible mouth ulcers and I finally went to the doctor about them. They would just grow and get ugly and hurt like crazy. The doctor immediately told me to stick to anything like Tums or something with calcium because a mouth ulcer is caused by the acidic levels in your body that are extremely high. To balance that acidic level--try Tums, Rolaides, or anything with calcium and/or magnesium and it should go away slowly but effectively. The other note on this is that I take the Tums or Rolaides and move it to the ulcer in my mouth and let it disolve slowly and that helps.

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May I know what is TUMS and where will it get?


My mom told me this remedy since I was a little kid. Just take a TUMS or any chewable antacid and put it on the ulcer everyday until it dissolves and the ulcer goes away MUCH faster.


How often do you/can you take the antacid? Is it just once a day or can it be several times a day?

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