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Get rid of all the magniyfing mirrors in your house! I used to pick at my face because everything looked so big and nasty and you just couldnt leave it like that a by 12 i had had scars and aggrivated acne all over my face. When i got rid of it and stopped touching my face it got a lot better. Also always wash your hands before applying makeup and cremes on your face.
I like to use lemon juice on my face. I buy those bottles that are shapped like them and mix it with my acne products.
hope this helps!
(And take me seriously about the mirror thing I wish i had!)

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I agree with the mirror thing. I have some acne scars of my own, and my mom tells me not to pick, but i do anyway. I would love to get rid of the mirrors, but I don't think I can get rid of the ones in our bathrooms.

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