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I've had this problem for the last two months. My period would just not stop for a whole 2 months! I did not know what to do so I called my doctor and he wanted to give me an ultrasound to see what was going on with me and possibly get a DNC; but I decided to get a second opinion. I called a local doctors office and spoke with a female nurse because I figured they might know a little more. She told me to take a day off work and make sure I don't have anything to do. To not lift anything heavy and relax with my feet elevated for a long time. Also take 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours and it should start to slow down. So luckily I was off the next day which was a Sunday and I did exactly what she said. I watched about 6 movies with my feet elevated in the recliner and relaxed. I took 4 advils since they are only 200 mg every 7 hours and basically did nothing at all during that day. The next day my period was so light I needed only a panty liner and they following day it was completely gone. I was so amazed at how fast it worked. All this time I'v been suffering and thinking I had a serious health problem and all I need to do was relax for a day. So ladies when you have a problem similar to this RELAX, prop your feet, and watch a movie! (don't forget this ibuprofen) It might help you.

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mrz khan

I have the same problem, my doctor told me never take advil in heavy bleeding as it makes bleeding verse, u can take tyelnol.


I have the same problem and I will try this thank you but about the Ibuprofen, well I went to the hospital two days ago for this situation and the Doctor prescribed me 800mg Motrin which is the same as Ibuprofen. so thanks for this advice I will try it tomorrow.


OMGoodness.. Thxs so much for sharing... I too have been bleeding heavily for a month now... Laying down definitely helps... I will start to take the ibuprofen right now and see if the bleeding decreases or stops... Thxs again... Also, I am sure I am going through perimenopause... I am 52 yrs old and have always had regular periods until I missed two months and then it came and won't give me a break... like it is making up for the two months I missed...


I have been on my period for 2 months and i seen my gynocologist for a pap smear before this happened and she prescribed me some birth control called reclipsen and i took it thought it would stop my bleeding instead it made it stay on longer, so needlessly to say i'm not taking the birth control pills, but i'm still bleeding and it's depressing, and i have cysts on my ovaries, but yet i have my tubes tied and i have never ever experenice this before this is like cruel punishment, and i need help if anyone have any suggestion of helping me out please let me know.... Sad & Depressed...


Whomever made this post does not fully understand the extreme/excessive, painful, bloody, tissuey periods some of us anemic women are having.


I struggle the same thing ive been on my period for 2-3 months and there heavy ones


I tried this method and I stayed just as heavy as before the rest day. I have been going for over 2 months with only two days off.


I do have this same problem with heavy bleeding and I don't know which remedy to try here . There are so many.


Um, actually no it doesn't. Asprin thins the blood, ibuprofen thickens it


Been on my period with bad blood clots for three weeks.Got really desperate,because I was out of breath,light headed and had no energy and felt weak.I read all the comments and tryed some out and it really helped.1.I took a tablespoon Molasses with lemon juice and cayenne pepper in warm water in the morning and the evening.Took every 8 hours 4 200mg advil and sit in my Recliner after work and put a cold -pack down for 20 minutes.It really did the trick,my bloodflow went back and I am getting my energy back.Thought I share this with all the woman,who are desperate too.

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