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I've had this problem for the last two months. My period would just not stop for a whole 2 months! I did not know what to do so I called my doctor and he wanted to give me an ultrasound to see what was going on with me and possibly get a DNC; but I decided to get a second opinion. I called a local doctors office and spoke with a female nurse because I figured they might know a little more. She told me to take a day off work and make sure I don't have anything to do. To not lift anything heavy and relax with my feet elevated for a long time. Also take 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6-8 hours and it should start to slow down. So luckily I was off the next day which was a Sunday and I did exactly what she said. I watched about 6 movies with my feet elevated in the recliner and relaxed. I took 4 advils since they are only 200 mg every 7 hours and basically did nothing at all during that day. The next day my period was so light I needed only a panty liner and they following day it was completely gone. I was so amazed at how fast it worked. All this time I'v been suffering and thinking I had a serious health problem and all I need to do was relax for a day. So ladies when you have a problem similar to this RELAX, prop your feet, and watch a movie! (don't forget this ibuprofen) It might help you.

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just saying, advil is not the same as ibuprofin.


Advil is in fact ibuprofen.


Advil is the same exact thing. Theres no different except for name. I think you might be thinking about aleve, aleve is not the same thing.


Yea.. all that helped me but is almost impossible to stay without doing anything with two girls..

s. baye

Tried it on a snowday yesterday.... didn't help :(


I had a similar problem and my Gyno told me to take ADVIL and it is my new best friend! She also said from the onset of my period to start taking the advil every 4 hours then you don't even get the heavy truly is this womans best friend every month!


I,m not calling out anyone here... but I have trouble believing that all one has to do to end their menstration is relax. I have a heavy flow, I'm also a hard working girl whose on my feet all day. I've assosated heavy lifting with momentary release of blood or clot. However, I bleed most when I'm sleeping. I assume it's due to relaxed muscles.

Get a book called 'taking charge of your fertility'

It may help you to better understand your hormone cycles and the roll stress really plays in your menstration.


Advil IS ibuprophin


Iburprofin makes u bleed way more google it


Thank u for your advice. I did what you said and its much better.

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