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Toothache go bye

After feeling like I could just pull out my own teeth do to the PAIN I was in..I decided to search the net for instant help and I must say I found it! Before I found this site I took to advil pms and rinsed my mouth with peroxide which help for a short period ofg time...than I seen the post oh here saying use Sensodyne! And boy was I happy I did..I mean instantly as soon as the toothpaste touched my four teeth that gave me pain it STOPPED!! I couldn't believe I want to jump for joy....try this you will be all smiles,just like me right now...Good Luck!

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i have tried that twice and i has jst made the pain worse:'(


Exposed Nerve Pain from a broken tooth. I don't recall ANYTHING that's more painful,except maybe child birth but then again. Orajel anticeptic mouth sore rinse!
NOTHING would subside the pain until I rinsed my mouth out with this. You may have to do it 5-10 times in a row but it's well worth it. Then a MUST!!! Start on antibiotics right away because the pain is caused by infection..

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