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I've had stretch marks for three years now, and have tried many products. I recently decided to give Bio Oil a try, and after four weeks of using it twice daily I noticed they have gotten lighter. It says to use it for three months, so I'm hoping they will become even less visible. You can buy it at any store with a pharamacy like Walgreens or Jewel. Its fairly cheap, one bottle is 11 dollars but it lasts the whole month. Hope this helps!

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i delivered 1 1/2 ago and too have been using bio oil.. it seems to be doing its job!


I went through 3 bottles of Bio-Oil and followed the directions exactly and found no difference. I was very disappointed!


I didn't think bio oil worked. I personally like Mederma for stretch marks. It's new and you can find it at CVS.

Kasey 13yrs

Where do you get bio oil???!

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