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I am trying to the apple vinegar method with my warts. I have tried everything for the past 7 years, all of the over the counter methods, freezing, burning, and even have had them cut out 6 times. The last time they cut them out they took out about a quarter size of warts and it was DEEP. The pain from all of these was horrible. I am amazed at how quickly the apple venegar is working, yes it hurts but nothing compared to having a huge gaping hole in your foot. We will see if they go away but they already are not as sore to walk on.

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CURE I've had planter wart all my foot for 40 years and once I shown my doctor (it was at the ball of my foot), he thought I had (pitted something don't remember) also he started digging it out with blade well long thing short I got more planter warts popping up all over foot,ugh! Went to foot doctor he used his acid and medicines weeks going by nothing and it kept coming back thought (spending to much money for nothing) started looking on internet read duck tape and compound w that work but came back(oh work on all small ones not the old big one) it made sense to me to cut the oxygen to it, so I added Super glue on top of the compound w then duck tape and after 3rd try saw it being drawn out and after my second bottle of compound w it was gone!!!(I'm talking the big nasty one!) year later my foot still look good and clear!! All I say is try it.......hope this helps

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