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I read all of these and found some good help. Here is how I delt with mine. I was in tears and tried tylenol and ib prophen it help for short periods of time. I got a bottle of nyquil some sea salt and a mouthgaurd for people who grind there teeth. The pain while trying to sleep caused me to clinch my jaw which made the pain worse. So I got the mouth gaurd and formed it to my top teeth. With it not fully formed it kept my mouth open while I slept. Take two ib prophen and a double dose of nyquil. You will sleep well I did and sleep is the best way for it to heal that's when the body goes into recovery mode. Tame the warm water and sea salt and swish over the bad tooth after every meal and drink lots of water. Continue with the salt every few hours

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works great for me, but i was not as bad a some, before this i use warm water and every 10 minutes the sharp pain came back ,

add the sail made feel better a lot longer a full night even

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