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I have read every previous posts in this section and have found that a lot are using similar ingredients in their mixtures and concoctions. However, since we are all different, there is no magic solution that works for everyone. You must experiment until you find one that works for you.

Therefore, let me share one more recipe I have developped from people's and friend's comments and which I have tried most successfully during the past 6 months. With this recipe I was able to cure and ward off the common cold (not the flu, but the cold). This recipe hits the cold at various levels (and body locations)

Here it is:

- 1 cup of hot green tea
- 1 freshly squeezed slice of lemon
- almost half a tea spoon of ginger spice (main ingredient #1)
- 1 table spoon of Manuka honey (main ingredient #2)


- Drink this once in the morning and once before going to bed
- add more honey if you can't take the taste because at first you will probably find that this mixture tastes just awful.
- The Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic to help cure the sinuses (and sinusitis)
- The ginger is a natural antibiotic that attacks the bacteria causing the cold
- The lemon is a natural antiseptic good for the throat and intestines
- If you also have a sore throat, it would help to gargle your throat after each meal with warm water and regular table salt. Table salt contains iodine that heals infections.
- If you cough a lot, then make sure you breath in a lot of humid air along with a mixture of therapeutic essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus (3 drops of each)

You should feel between 30% to 60% better after the first day (i.e. 2 cups) and you should be cured after the 3rd day, but this is not a promise, remember what I said earlier about finding a cure that works for you ;-)

Good luck to you all

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MN cough n cold

Finally some relief! :) thanks so much for sharing this remedy! I tried this last night before I went to bed and I was able to sleep without coughing my head off the very first night! Yay! I'm getting ready to have my first cup this morning so I will see how it works throughout the day today, maybe I will be able to spend a little more time out of the bed today, this may just be what I need to get back on my feet so I don't have to end up going to see the doc.

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