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my 2 year has recently showed symptoms on his cheeks, arm and leg pits. I'm using pure organic coconut oil before bed. by morning it's gone. From what I'm reading here, I need to put it on a couple times a day every day to keep it at bay. I was wondering why it's not just 'going away' for good ;o(. he loves to help spread it all over himself...get those kids involved!

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Thanks for the info about coconut oil--I'm going to get some today for my 1 yr old.

My daughter's eczema came on from an allergy to wheat. I hear it is fairly common for a child to get eczema from allergens in their environment. Maybe your child has an allergy to a food or other chemical (i.e. laundry soap, bath soap, etc.)?


Hi my fiance and I had tried that with our son before. And then we realized he was allergic to coconut oil. lol good thing it was severe.



I tried rubbing an actual coconut on my eczema and it really eczfoliated everything. I look and feel great!


Have you tried eliminating certain foods from his diet (ie. cow's milk, soy, corn by-products)? My son, now 5yrs, has suffered from eczema since infancy. We control the allergy reaction with his diet, avoiding allergen foods and environmental allergens. For his dry skin we use Eucerin/Aquafor.

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